Lifeless words carry on

What if I wanted to break?

Fading as I follow you...

Unprivate Detective Bussiness

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Lucerne Ridge Application + Permission + Stats
Don't know who to trust
Salkia People just ignore this cutCollapse )

24 Strawdolls - [Voice] He belongs to fairytales, that I can never reach.
Don't know who to trust

[Oh-so-expressionless voice is expressionless.]

Well, well, so he's gone. How boring.

[Well, at least that last part is a sigh.]

23 Strawdolls - [Accidental Video] What are you waiting for? I'm not running from you!
Break me. It's the game you play

[The feed flickers on as the LP falls out of B's pocket and down to the ground, just to reveal B falling to his knees, looking completly miserable. Pale, dark rings under his eyes, dried and more fresh tears on his face. He has been going trough hell last week.
Now however, everything is silent. Slowly Beyond's lips curl up into a smile of complete insanity, his eyes widening.]

That's it? That's... it? You.... [Words fail him. So he had just been used, sadistically watched and now he was thrown away like a broken toy? An angry scream tears from his throat, but only silence answers. Unbearable silence. This has been  one of the worst weeks of his life, but...  He wishes for the voice to come back. Because L's attention is all he ever wanted.]

Fuck you, L. Fuck You!
B will not... ever...
[And with that he falls unconscious, as he couldn't really sleep all those last days.]

((OOC: Responses will be late ICly. Action is open.))

22 Strawdolls - [Text] Some serious bussiness for you.
Unprivate Detective Bussiness
The New Year seems to be coming with much change. I haven't seen so many people leave at once before.
So, Kia, who are you going to send us as a replacement? Better bring in somebody interesting.

Additionally I'd like to mention that for the new year quite a few series have released special editions of whole seasons. They're limited. I'd recommend the first DVD of that new Mahou Shoujo series, too.
Please pay Media Madness a visit.  [And in text you can't see the face he makes, while typing this. His work. Boring, boring, boring, really.]

21 Strawdolls - [Accidental Audio] So I'm still waiting in the dark...
Tell me I'm an Angel

[The LP is turned on by an absent brush of B's hand, but it only hits the voice recording, so that you can listen to him talking to himself for a little moment.]

... -a-year.
It starts to feel like the orphanage all over... [Being stuck somewhere. Chasing after nothing, but a shadow forever and ever] ... only that I don't get lessons and tests... but I'm too old for that anyway. [A weary attempt of a fake chuckle]


I want to die. I should've been dead so many months before. It
's just to not right. 

L... I start wishing for you to come here and give B some company. [Because a world without him makes no sense]

20 Strawdolls - [Voice] Punishment
Come join me here behind the window

Hnh. Kia.
In case you designed it to make me feel like monster... you failed. Actually I think it's looks rather cool.

19 Strawdolls - [Video] Why, yes, this is kind of crazy
Because evil is in my blood

[Have B.  Smiling. Okay, maybe it does look like a wicked smirk... but lips are curled upwarts, that's what counts! And he's wearing.... Uhm. Remember his work apron-thingie? This. Is. Worse. Mainly because it's pink. And has frills. But... weell... ]

Hello my dear viewers! Let me welcome you to the fantastic world of B's shopping channel!
Today I'll show you the perfect solution, if you don't want your secrets found out... but still need to write you thoughts down! You can just eat them. With this special trick....

It's.... [And here he shows you a package of alphabet noodle soup] "Letter Secret!"
Which is also secret, because of the secret recipe that really makes every single noodle special!

And the best is? It includes numbers, too!

[And here you can see the buying information on the desk. Written with noodles. 13 monies for a package.]

18 Strawdolls - [Accidental Video] Welcome to my life
You make me feel anger

[Have B in his new room, throwing stuff in the wardrobe. He is more than displeased]

Fuck. Really, once I got a person I get along with, he leaves.
Once I get a perfect number, I get moved.

I want to go back to B:13...

[And he drops himself on the bed and sighs]

17 Strawdolls - [Video] Halloween is the fear that we fight in our dreams
Don't know who to trust

[Beyond is sitting behing the counter of Media Madness looking a little exhausted. Other's nightmaresdid not frighten him, but in the end he had been stuck in his own. Having thrown up multiple times afterwards did not make his appearance any more healthy-looking.
But his voice is just as always and there is a little smirk on his lips]

2000 this time? Not bad, not bad.

Well, this was a Halloween worth remembering. 96,2%Horror.

Though I wouldn't have minded any children doing trick or treat.


Well, we can't have everything we wish for.

 [Private to Soujiro//Unhackable]

That nightmare of yours. What meaning did it have?


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